Welcome To The Kansky Consulting Group

Specializing in assisting small to medium size business!

Managing an organization is challenging. Effectively using technology to support your business practices is even harder! The Kansky Consulting Group approach is simple. First, we review your current business practices to ensure they are supporting the goals of the organization. Second, we determine how your technology investment can be maximized in support of your the business processes. As we all know being efficient at doing the wrong process means loss of revenue!


Kansky Consulting Group focuses on small to medium size businesses. Whether your project is one week or one year we can help.

Our organization provides two key services, Our Business Operations Services focus on assessing your current business practices, identify areas for improvement, and defining a plan to best meet your business objectives.

Our Information Technology Services focus on maximizing your current hardware and software configuration. We often find that existing capabilities are not being fully utilized. Whether you need desktop support, upgrade an existing system, select and implement new software, or need training we have the staff to assist you.